Monday, October 13, 2008

A Social Class War?

Some interesting things are happening in our country. Banks are failing, unemployment is growing, and people have been ostriching about it, but not for very much longer.

I believe this election season is going to be the most polarized in decades. Somehow the tipping point has been achieved; there's always been a few (call them hippies, yippies, etc.) who are resolutely in the left of the political column -- but today there seem to be more people who have moved from the "Don't care/don't follow politics" to the "I *DO* care very much" column. I see those on the right becoming increasingly aggressive, vituperative, desperate to cling onto their party's hegemony of our country.

The Republican Party has alienated thinking people in it's "maverick" effort to embrace "Joe Sixpack". This collective pseudonym is just "code" for the working and less educated class -- which connotes the unflattering image of a boorish, slug of a fat white guy drinking beer in front of his TV and farting into the cushions. Isn't that a lovely way to backhandedly compliment your constituents?

For years now, the Republicans have packaged up their obfuscation of the real issues in a pretty box with a nice bow and presented it with a pious nod, a Palin wink. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! But at some point even some of their "Base" of Jane and Joe Sixpack will have enough of their mavericking ways and kick them out. The rest will ostrich, continue to polarize around hot button issues and never allow themselves a moment of self-reflection because they are CONVINCED that the Republican of the Year will save them all from the Liberal Elite Boogeyman hiding under the bed.

I declare myself Jane Latte and I approve of this moniker.

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