Saturday, January 12, 2008

Flaming Death Nostalgia

Whenever I go back to my hometown, I try to stop at a familiar place from my past. This time I made it back to Mario's Pizza on Wilson Boulevard in Clarendon. I have many memories of this particular pizzeria, most of which involve burning the roof of my mouth on the cheese. This is such a common situation with Mario's customers (at least in my circle of friends) that we called the pizza "Flaming Death" and by extension Mario's also became known as Flaming Death. The Highlander Motel and the 7-11 are both still nearby, though the Highlander is now looking more like it should be placed on the National Register of Historic Places just because it's funky architecture is worth preserving. I realised I had never visited Mario's during the lunch time hours and an entirely different crew works the day shift. In my 25+ years of patronage I had never had "lunch" there. It's always been the snack to start your night or an end of your night hangover preventative. How many times over the years have I stared at that tile floor in various states of inebriation?

I got my usual, 2 slices and was feeling the need for vegetation so I chose green peppers on one of them.

and it flamed me as it always does. Plus ca change, plus ca la meme chose!

This is not the only pizzeria that I have nostalgia for. Stromboli Pizza in Greenwich Village on University Place between 12th and 13th streets is a close second. However, since I am not a huge fan of New York City (though I'm waiting for someone to convert me by showing me around and changing my mind), I don't get there too often.

I am now returned to Hell-Ay and just sifting thru all the strike news and a few other things that have come to my attention. More topics are pending.

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amarilla said...

I'm hungry now. Glad to know you're eating your peppers.

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