Wednesday, November 7, 2007

4 cents

Today I heard from a colleague who was told by their employer (one of the CSI franchise) to start looking for another job. So it looks like the small pool of jobs available is only going to get smaller. And right before the holidays too when it's already a slow time. Yay.

If there are no pilots, no series and no features, what are the alternatives?
1. Reality TV (I'd consider it)
2. Working abroad (Yes, I am available, passport in hand)
3. Leaving the business (No, I'm velcro'd in)
4. Teaching (Yes, I've done it before)
5. Temping (It's saved me more than once)
6. Commercials (I wouldn't know where to begin, but I'm game)

Then I came across this on YouTube...
Why we Fight

It's created by the WGA and illustrates their points pretty well. Some may call it propaganda but one person's propaganda is another's truth.

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