Monday, May 21, 2007

Making it happen

A recent conversation with a producing partner got me thinking about how I "brand" myself in this business. One thing they don't really teach you in art school (or film school for that matter) is how to set yourself up as a business and market yourself as a creative person.

The ironic thing is that I do know how to do this, I just have never applied it to myself.

Thus, after some pondering, I've set up this blog. Admittedly I am a bit late to the blogosphere - but rather than look at myself as a day a day late and a dollar short - I see it as having taken the time to think it through.

The things that I would like to accomplish this year with this blog as a catalyst, and in no particular order:
  1. Get another feature made (the second one is the hardest I hear)
  2. Meet VC people!
  3. Be a resource to others for making ones' way in this mercurial business
  4. Be more diligent about writing and generating my own content
  5. Do more travelling
  6. Join the PGA
  7. Form an LLC
  8. Continue to explore how internet social networking can build on the already collaborative nature of film and television production. In other words, expand my collaborators base and meet those people that I didn't know I didn't know.

So as I put this blog out into the world, I invite your feedback and I leave you with these questions.

  • What happened to the smart and funny half hour sitcom? Am I missing something here or was the last good one Seinfeld?
  • Is it really true that being accepted to a high profile film festival "makes" your career?
  • How do we define success for ourselves? Is it money? Awards? A sense of achievement? What milestone moments have you had?

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